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Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is like any other cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. It works just like any other cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is created through Bitcoin cash mining. This is much younger cryptocurrency, created at the end of 2016. Bitcoin Cash differs from classic Bitcoin as it has an increased block size from 1MB to 8MB. This allows miners on BCH chain to process more payments per second. Moreover, it expels Segregated Witness (SegWit). The main cornerstone behind the creation of Bitcoin Cash is to increase the number of transaction that can be processed.

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Why was Bitcoin Cash Created?

Many individuals ponder upon the requirement for Bitcoin Cash when we already have Bitcoin which is significantly more seasoned and this mainstream. Well, the reason behind the creation of Bitcoin Cash is diverging viewpoints within the Bitcoin community about how to scale the network. Putting it comprehensible, as more and more people began to use Bitcoin; the network struggled to keep up with the volume of the transaction. As a consequence, many bitcoin users had to wait for hours or even days before seeing their transaction go through. This prompted the introduction of what we know as Bitcoin Cash.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Cash:

Like every coin, there are two faces to anything. In a similar way, even Bitcoin Cash has its perks and flaws. Let’s find out about them:-


  • You can exchange Bitcoin Cash without providing individual data which can make it more secure contrasted with other installment techniques. This means that you do not have to worry about your identity getting stolen.
  • A transaction can be completed in a matter of a few minutes. The person doesn’t have to wait for long periods for his transaction to get processed. It makes payments easy and quick.
  • There is no need to spend money as fees. Payments can be made to anyone around the globe without the need of sending it through any bank or government body.


  • It is still prone to getting hacked. Bitcoin is aware that hackers target their website every day and they are always working on improving their defenses but there is still no guarantee that your account will not be stolen in the future.
  • The price may fluctuate wildly since the market is very volatile. The price may be on its all-time high today but tomorrow is going to be a different story. You have to time precisely when you will pitch to make sure about what you will get. Subsequently, right planning is profoundly essential.
  • Bitcoin Cash does not have as much investor confidence as Bitcoin. Also, its adoption rate and market penetration are much lower than Bitcoin’s. This has a lot to do with the fact that coin is much newer than Bitcoin.

The future of Bitcoin Cash remains unclear. Its value has grown substantially despite its comparatively short existence, but Bitcoin Cash faces several challenges and uncertainties moving forward. Bitcoin Cash is hailed by its supporters as a “new and improved” system that will replace the original bitcoin. So only time will tell the fate of Bitcoin Cash.


There are plenty of opportunities to invest in the global market. Asia in specific offers a host of multiple opportunities. The Asian market is rather a robust market that represents trillions of dollars being transacted every day and any market which is so large certainly offers a plethora of investment options. The Asian economy has been divided categorically into developed and developing economies. Developed countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are the major economic forces in the Asian market.


With the flow of capital from the globe and the development of Asia, investment opportunities are bounteous here. Investors have the option for delegating the research and trading opportunities to professional money managers and there are numerous investment instruments available. For the individuals who trust their own impulses, the American Depository Receipts (ADRs) give a brilliant method to purchase shares in an abroad organization while understanding any profits and capital gains in U.S. dollars. ADRs are negotiable testaments issued by a U.S. bank speaking to a predetermined number of shares (or one share) in an abroad stock that is exchanged on a U.S. trade. For instance, outside firms recorded on the New York Stock Exchange as ADRs give investors the chance to put their cash into such internationally referred brands such as Honda (NYSE:HMC), Hitachi (NYSE:HIT), Mitsubishi (NYSE:MTU) and Sony (NYSE:SNE).


Asian money related markets, especially in developing economies, are still, by and large, less developed and less controlled than sectors in America or Europe. Security markets, specifically, are immature, as bank financing is substantially more typical than financing by means of the issuance of corporate obligation. On the value side, Asian markets are more averse to do a similar sort of capital rebuilding that is found in America, with utilized buyouts and comparable moves being exceptions as opposed to the rule. The wide assortment of financial products accessible through retail banks is additionally more typical in developed nations outside Asia.

Administrative changes in Asian financial markets additionally slack Western markets and political components can assume a part in it, especially in less created economies where government interference can be substantial. The working and administrative contrasts all fill in as indications of the requirement for speculators to direct research and give watchful thought to any financial venture before adding it to their portfolios.


Towards the end of 2010, the Asian economies were all the while flourishing. China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are exporting powerhouses. Gross domestic product is ascending in these countries as are the venture openings. Two digit securities exchange returns have left the western markets in the residue over the previous decade, and all the investors and financial specialists are paying heed.

Asian investments give access to a noteworthy part of the world’s securities exchanges in a quickly developing, and energizing region. Putting a part of your portfolio in Asia can help fill your portfolio’s allocation to universal investments.

Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency

Before talking about the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, it is crucial to know what exactly cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that operates irrespective and independent of any central bank or authority. This kind of digital money uses encryption techniques to perform the operations done on regular currency. This decentralized currency is a way to store and invest personal wealth that is almost impossible to confiscate and restrict. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come out. Since then cryptocurrency has created this hype among the masses which have engulfed more and more people to accept it and start investing in it. To learn how to invest and begin trading open your trading account get the best trading advises and tools from the experienced and reliable one.

With cryptocurrency growing in popularity and usage across the world, many are asking themselves whether or not they should invest in Bitcoin or a similar altcoin. The following list of pros and cons aims to shed some light on this ever-emerging digital space.


  • Easy access Cryptocurrency is unregulated and decentralized, giving access to the whole world. All it takes is a computer, few thousand dollars and a good internet connection. With the modernization of countries, it is very easy for everyone to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency or forex market. It is more readily available than the fiat money.
  • Lower transaction fees Transferring money by using any other online forum or bank gateway is expensive as they levy considerable fees for the transaction. But it is not the case with cryptocurrency as the costs are nil or negligible since the miners are paid through the network. Sending and receiving payment in cryptocurrency is much more affordable than real currency.
  • Identity theft One of the major advantages of a cryptocurrency is that it keeps your personal information safe and secure from hackers. Users of digital currency are in control of their transaction as it is a decentralized system. So transactions are made independent of any third party. This protects users from any identity theft.


  • Lack of knowledge Since cryptocurrency is totally driven by technology, not everyone is comfortable using it or has an idea of how to use it. Due to the lack of knowledge in cryptocurrency, there is a great level of scepticism and doubt in everyone’s mind about it.
  • Uncertainty Just like any other new technology, cryptocurrency is highly uncertain. The market is very volatile and this stops people from investing in them. Along with this, since it is a decentralized currency and no banks or government has control over it, people are not able to gain its trust.
  • Cannot be recovered if lost Unlike banks that have you covered in case of a security issue like a hacking or stolen credit card, Bitcoins are not retrievable if they’re lost. There are currently no mechanisms to recover lost Bitcoins. According to several people, the best way to store Bitcoins is on a drive that is not connected to the internet. This is because they are encrypted for security purposes. The encryption identifies the currency, but not the owner. Whoever has the codes owns the currency and this anonymity feature means stolen coins are lost.

Cryptocurrency is an innovative and growing concept which shouldn’t be judged merely on few drawbacks. With the rapid growth, it is pertinent that this will surely bring a dynamic change in the way of trading.

Understanding Forex Quotes

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For most traders very first thing they need to learn when trading in financial market is reading Forex Quotes. Price quotes are the language of the market and every trader needs to be fluent in it. Although it sounds daunting but it actually isn’t that tough.

 Reading Forex Quotes:

To understand how to read a Forex Quote, let’s take an example.

           USD/JPY= 85.32

This is referred as a currency pair. The currency on the left of the slash is called the Base currency, while the currency on the right of the slash is called Quote or Counter currency. The base currency is always equal to 1 unit and the quoted currency is what that 1 unit is equivalent to in the other currency. To make it more simplified, here US$1= 85.32 Japanese Yen. In other words $1 can buy you 85.32 Japanese Yen.

Direct Currency Quote and Indirect Currency Quote:

There are two ways to quote a currency pair, either directly or indirectly. A direct currency quote is simply a currency pair in which the domestic currency is the quoted currency; while an indirect quote, is a currency pair where the domestic currency is the base currency. So if you were looking at the Canadian dollar as the domestic currency and U.S. dollar as the foreign currency, a direct quote would be USD/CAD, while an indirect quote would be CAD/USD.


Ask and Bid Quotes:

Like buying in stock market, when trading currency pairs, the forex market will have a bid price and an ask price. The bid and ask price are quoted in relation to the base currency.

  1. Bid is the price at which you can sell base currency.
  2. Ask is the price at which you can buy the base currency.

Let us take another quote as an example to make it more clear and transparent.

          EUR/USD = 1.3600/05

Here the bid is 1.3600 and the ask is 1.3605. So in order if you wish to buy the currency then you intend to buy the base currency and therefore looking at the ask price. However, if you intend to sell the currency then you’re looking at the bid price.

Spreads and Pips:

The difference between the bid and the ask is called the spread. The spread is simply the broker’s commission on the trade. Whereas the Pip is the smallest unit of value in a forex currency quotes. In the case of the U.S. dollar, euro, British pound or Swiss franc, one pip would be 0.0001. With the Japanese yen, one pip would be 0.01, because this currency is quoted to two decimal places.

For simplicity’s sake let’s take the about quote as an example.

          EUR/USD = 1.3600/05

The difference between 1.3600 bid and 1.3605 ask is 5 pips, which is also the spread. Although these movements may seem insignificant, even the smallest point change can result in thousands of dollars being made or lost. Again, this is one of the reasons that speculators are so attracted to the forex market; even the tiniest price movement can result in huge profit.


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What is PAMM Account?

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Percentage allocation management module, also known as percentage allocation money management or PAMM, is a form of pooled money forex trading. PAMM is a choice for those who just want to invest their spare money but not get into trading themselves. A professional and experienced manager who knows how to trade will manage and make investments grow, which is profitable. An investor gets to allocate his or her money in desired proportion to a qualified trader and then he will manage the account. These traders can manage multiple accounts at the same time.

How PAMM works?
Trader opens a PAMM Account with a minimum amount of capital specified on his Forex broker’s website. Investor can check the trading result with a system monitoring PAMM account held with a brokerage company or any other system and analyzes terms set in the offer, and then takes a decision to invest. The trader performs trading transactions and funds of both trader and investor are used in trading. Once there is a profit, it is proportionally allocated between PAMM account participants and the PAMM manager gets a reward for his work.
To Open a trading account.

PAMM Account- Pros and Cons:
Since now we know how PAMM operates, let us discuss few pros and cons of opening and using this account.
• Profitable trader may receive profit from both his and brokers funds.
• An investor enjoys the privilege to diversify risk by allocating his funds among several PAMM accounts.
• PAMM manager not only risks the investors money but also his own. So this act as a security that the manager will perform his task properly for his money is also at stake.
• It is very easy to open a PAMM account and allocate money among various PAMM managers within a single service.
• If a broker doesn’t enable an investor to set the maximum loss limit for the PAMM account then investor’s loss can hit a -100% value which is complete drawdown.
• In a relatively closed AMM accounts, an investor cannot study the trading style of the manager.

How to choose a manager from PAMM account?
After we have gone through the above an obvious question arises that how to choose a manager? However, for this a series of general criteria and filters can help us select a reliable PAMM account manager.
PAMM account age: The reason why we consider the account age is because an account having a long history is amenable to deep analysis. Choose those accounts which are no less than 6 months old.
Equity of investor: The logic behind it is fairly simple: a large amount of funds being under management implies a high level of investors’ confidence.
PAMM account profitability: Accounts, where ratio of maximum drawdown to profitability is not higher than 1:3, show the best performance: i.e. the maximum drawdown doesn’t exceed 15% in case of 5% monthly profit.

After understanding what PAMM account is and how it works, it is very convenient for those investors who want to someone else to play for them. If you’re ready to open a PAMM account then contact Red Star Forex www.redstarfx.com without any further delay.